About - FoamBubbles-Bold Colorful Statement Jewelry

Express yourself and your unique story through one of a kind jewelry. Be bold, be creative, be unique, be true to yourself! Dare to be different!

I'm Alexandra Prelipcean- architect and jewelry designer, with a passion for color, texture and fluid, organic shapes. I started making jewelry in 2009, when I was still in college. I was studying to become an architect, but I was searching for a different way to express my ideas with more freedom.

My jewelry tells alternative stories about beauty. I don’t seek beauty in perfection, because I the think the imperfections are what makes us truly unique.

I often use alternative, non-precious materials- like paper, wool and wood, next to precious metals and pearls, to question the value we give to jewelry. I believe in the greater value of the message, of the emotion, than the cost of the materials used.

Art jewelry offers me the creative freedom to experiment, to search for new ways of telling my stories and helping others to express themselves through the jewelry they wear.

FoamBubbles stands as a metaphor for the world we live in. We are each one-of-a-kind persons, with our own unique universe, enclosed in our bubble. But we’re all in this together, touching our bubbles, influencing each other and relying on one another, like in a foam. There is a great unity in diversity, that we need to discover and appreciate more.

- 2021-2022: International Meeting Contemporary Jewelry. Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery, Simancas, Spain
- 2021: Precious?- Precious Collective Online Jewelry Week- 2021: Romanian Jewelry Week 2.0, Bucharest, Romania
- 2021: Jewelry off the Grid exhibition by AdornAxis, for New York City Jewelry Week 
- 2021: Remote Viewing- online exhibition by AdornAxis- 2020: Romanian Jewelry Week 1.0, Bucharest, Romania

- 2020: Assamblage Award at Romanian Jewelry week 1.0. Bucharest, Romania
- 2017: First prize Jewelry Design- Can & Art Design Festival. Bucharest, Romania
- 2016: First prize Design -Can & Art Design Festival. Bucharest, Romania 

 If you have any questions, you can contact me at: contact [!at] foambubbles-jewelry.com