After months of uncertainty, after all the fears… I felt the need to look for peace and calm, comfort and hope, less noise and less color. So I kept simplifying till I reached the purity of white.

This collection tells stories about change and growth, about new beginnings, about the transmutation of Fear into Hope.  

I used the contrast between the humble yet incredible paper, next to gold leaf and pearls, to symbolize the transmutation, the change that comes from within, when we realize the value of the simple things, when we find good in all the bad things that surrounds us.  

I used white for it’s meaning of purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. As a symbol of new beginnings, it is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon. It offers an inner cleansing and purifying of thoughts, emotions and spirit, allowing us to put the past behind us and find the courage to move on. 

Hope rescues us from the dark.  

Inside Beauty Brooch

Inside Beauty

A drop of Light Brooch

A drop of Light

Seeds of Change Brooch

Seeds of Change

Light from within Brooch

Light from within

Inner Architecture Brooches

Inner architecture [2]

Inner architecture [1]

Venus Trap Brooch 

Venus Trap

Hope in Bloom Brooch [1]

Hope in Bloom [1]

Hope in Bloom Brooch [2]

Hope in Bloom [2]

Fruits of Hope Brooches

Fruits of hope


Fruits of hope 2

Fruits of hope 3

Fruits of hope 4

Fruits of hope 4

Stronger together Brooch

Stronger together

Still growing Necklace 

Still growing

The story is still being written, as I'll continue to grow this collection.

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